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At Cybernetics, we realize that every industry has its own management style, skill sets requirements, hiring practices and compensation norms. Effective executive recruitment requires hands-on experience in the markets we serve. Our executive search consultants possess extensive backgrounds and specific expertise in the broadest range of industries, sectors and functional areas. These consultants are supported by invaluable industry knowledge and contacts and are aware of current marketplace

Following are the industries verticals where we have developed special expertise in sourcing very high quality talent:

Automobile & Auto Components

The automobile industry in India is one of the largest as well as fastest growing industries in the world. In recent years, India has become a major auto hub and emerged as an important global manufacturing base for automobile companies as it provides low cost production opportunities along with an added advantage of having a well trained workforce at competitive costs. Numerous global automotive giants are upbeat about their expansion plans in India and are willing to enter into partnerships with domestic companies to produce automobiles.

At Cybernetic, we have a professional team to assist our clients with their recruitment needs and in order to give expert solutions we have included some people with experience in varying industries, including automobile for example. As the industry grows, it needs more people both at junior as well as senior levels. Growth also brings in new challenges and thus people with better suited intellect are needed. All this is taken care off by Cybernetic who promises to provide reliable solution to all its automobile industry benefactors.

Power & Energy

The rapid growth and promising future of Power sector for sure is house of employment for many but also entails in its growth opportunities for new talent as well. At Cybernetic entry to hook out the lot with the interest in such areas of work and help placements in right companies. This way we help our business clients get hands on talented work force and strong human resource base. With this help our clients easily climb the ladder of success with this efficient manpower. Creating this remains no more a difficult task with our customized recruitment procedures.

Cybernetic is a leading supplier of high-value consulting, engineering, EPC / EPCM, (engineering, procurement and construction management) and project management services to the Power Industry working on both new assets and retro-fitting existing power facilities. We have built a reputation for providing innovative, value added solutions for major energy providers, governments, developers and independent power producers.

Engineering & Process

India is growing by leaps and bounds taking all its sector to a new growth level, and Engineering and Process is not an exception. This industry has also grown manifold in the last decade, thus fuelling the prospects of India. The industry is witnessing unprecedented projection in terms of development and innovation. With the existing market worth of US$ 750 billion, the sector is poised to touch the magic figure of US$ 1 trillion by 2020. With all round development and infrastructure boom, the Engineering industry is set to break all previous records.

With a dedicated team of consultants and researchers working across diverse sub sectors such as light and heavy engineering, plastic, metals, fine and heavy chemicals, textiles, Cybernetic is well positioned to serve clients in this sector. They understand the ever-changing challenges of talent acquisition in this progressively complex environment.


The growth in India’s infrastructure is inevitable today. With India emerging as an economic powerhouse, the government as well as the Private Sector are investing heavily in infrastructure. Be it roads, bridges to Airports and housing or the power sector, projects are being undertaken and executed at great speed and with enthusiasm. India has witnessed a steady growth in infrastructure over the recent years, and foreign investors have shown keen interest in investing in this sector. The Planning Commission has envisaged a trillion dollar investment in infrastructure between 2012-13 and 2016-17, and expects half of the money to come from the private sector. The sector is important for the Indian economy, accounting for 37.9 percent of the country’s industrial output.

We understand the sector thoroughly and are well acquainted with the issues associated with hiring the right talent. Having handled the sector for decades now, we have a competitive edge in terms of understanding the industry to the core, and having qualified team members with a solid background in the industry. Since most of our team members have been in the industry across one segment or the other, we understand the expectations of the candidates as well as the companies and act as consultants to both of them to help them take right decisions. Besides this, our strong network helps us map the right candidates for different profiles.


India is known as Pharmacy of the whole world especially to the Third World Countries notwithstanding the fears of a global recession, Pharma exports are expected to grow by 25.2%. According to McKinsey, the Indian biotechnology and health care industry is estimated to witness an annual growth of 23% to reach US$ 75 billion by 2014 and US$ 150 billion by 2017. The industry is expected to add over one million new jobs and the total demand for trained workforce would be around 2.3 million by 2018. Twenty first century is dubbed as the century of biosciences.

Cybernetic focuses on the right-fit model; with a robust evaluation procedure conducted by our specialist consultants, and a strong reference checks procedure to source the best talent.


The Indian Retail industry is a tough competitor to other industries in India. It is another big industry that has gained excellence in this consumer culture. More and more people get fascinated by the concept of buying things from shopping centers, malls , big arenas where all most all the necessary things are done under one platform. The economy of this industry is growing due to the people who are excited to make their future into this field like young people, working women, students etc. As new retail stores are coming new recruits are needed thus offering great future assets.

We’ve been helping some of the world’s most innovative retailers and brands discover the talent they need. We know candidates at all levels. Our one-to-one service treats people like people, not like numbers and this approach has ensured that once candidates get to know us they often return as clients.

Consumer Durables

In today’s world consumerism has grown its roots and nobody can stay away from it. In order to meet the demands of society the consumer services are growing and opening different sectors. Over a decade from now consumer services are going to rule the world. They handle services like retail, travel and tourism, problems related to different products bought by the consumer. The growth of consumer services will be an essential factor for the increase in the market value of the country. As the demands for products is increasing so is the supply. In order to combat the challenge there is a need of experienced people who will play a fruitful role in the development of this industry.

Based on the specifications and requirements of our clients, Cybernetic generates a list of professionals who match the requirements and responsibilities of the concerned profile as closely as possible. We pride ourselves in being able to create the most accurate and actionable candidate information available.


The Indian FMCG sector is the fourth largest sector in the economy with a total market size of more than US$ 13.1 billion. The market is highly fragmented with almost 50 per cent share with the unbranded, unpackaged home made products. This presents a tremendous opportunity for makers of branded products who can convert these consumers to become loyal users of their products.

Cybernetic’s clients include well established multinational companies having globally benchmarked talent management practices, as well as domestic players with an interest in developing globally competitive capability and talent management programs. Our wide network of consultants collaborates closely to ensure that we can match our knowledge and expertise to our clients’ business needs.


The world is rapidly transforming into a better place, with high rise buildings and skyscrapers. All this is possible because of the cement industry that is the life of every construction and infrastructure development project. Cement Plant Recruitment is catching the grapevine, as the cement companies seek more manpower to speed up their manufacturing and delivery channels across the globe

Cybernetic is a pioneer in offering cement industry recruitment services to Indian & Multinational Companies. Our team of qualified experts, who have a background of having worked in the industry, gives valuable advice to clients and gives the best recruits to companies by virtue of having access to top management talents in the industry. A knowledgeable team also helps us to screen candidates at our end, thereby reducing the recruitment time for companies.

"Hire people who are better than you are, then leave them to get on with it. Look for people who will aim for the remarkable, who will not settle for the routine." - David Ogilvy

Our Expertise

Handling Head Hunting & Search Assignments Undertake Organization / Functional Mapping exercises as per clients needs Expertise in handling positions across all levels (Executive to CEO) / functions with equal ease – Pan India
Capability to handle unique positions / rare skills for new initiatives & projects. Expertise & Capability to handle new project roll out assignments – All functions / All levels / Different Locations within a circle.

Client Testimonials

img It has been a pleasure partnering with Cybernetics .“Continuously attentive and incredibly responsive, professionalism is incomparable.We appreciate the excellent performance that your team has showcased. I would and have recommended their services to anyone searching for a job or career change."

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